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Do You Make These Mistakes When Taking Care of Your Hair?

Dear friend,Did you know that only the roots of hair are actually alive, while the visible part
is dead tissue?
(After all, it never hurts when you have your
hair cut, does it?)
Now listen up: If you
are concerned about having strong, thick and beautiful hair, then this
is without doubt the most eye-opening report you will ever read.
Here’s why:Contrary to popular
belief, hair doesn’t get thinner (or falls) just because of “external”
factors. As a matter of fact, more than 90% of the hair’s health is due
to what happens inside the body…
It has a lot to do with
nutritional habits and your hormonal environment.
For example, in ancient
times, it was noticed that eunuchs (those males without gonads) never
went bald. Men who were castrated as a result of accidents in battle also
never went bald (coincidence? Not a chance… testosterone levels have
a lot to do with hair loss).

Now, You Too Can Laugh at Hair Loss Problems – If You Follow These Simple Tips…

Here are some of the things you are about to discover:

  • The three stages
    of hair growth – You need to understand this before you can get stronger
  • What are androgens
    and how they affect the health of your hair (By the way, the recent
    way of fast-paced living can affect your hair in this regard)
  • Why people with intestinal
    disorders may have more chances of losing their hair

Do You Ever Feel Embarrassed By Your Less Than Perfect Scalp?

Let’s be honest, No matter whether you are a man or woman, having healthy hair opens more
doors for you. And that’s a FACT!
People who are more
visually attractive can find a job much more easily, they are treated
much more politely and they are considered “hotter” by the opposite
Here are some
more things you are about to discover:

  • What exactly are
    EFA’s and when it may be a good idea to take additional
  • The one ingredient
    that you are probably not having enough of (this is so simple and yet
    so overlooked)
  • How dietary fiber
    can help strengthen your hair in an indirect but profound way
  • What are “chelated”
    supplements and why they may be an important piece of the “hair

There are also several
“little things” you probably do every day that you never pay
real attention too. But you would stop doing them in a heartbeat, if you
were aware of

The Crimes You Commit Against Your Hair!

  • After you shampoo
    your hair, do you use a towel to dry them? And how do you do this exactly?
    (You’d better know the right way or you are losing hair f-a-s-t!)
  • The old “100
    brush” myth and why it can do more harm than good to your hair
  • The two types of
    hairstyles that can spell disaster for the health of your hair. Are
    you styling your hair like this too?
  • The one type of supplement
    that can actually HURT the condition of your hair – You have to make
    sure that you never take it. Ever again.
  • This green vegetable
    can cause you a lot of grief when ingested.

This is info you really
need to read. Especially if your hair isn’t what it used to be. Please…
Let Hair Loss Stop You From Living Life to The Fullest!
You are also
about to discover:

  • Why the typical North
    American and northern European diets have been linked to baldness. If
    you use any of their dietary habits, you need to read this…
  • The one trick to
    know if you are ingesting too much zinc (yes, this can be too much of
    a good thing)!
  • Why fresh juices
    can be beneficial to hair (including some homemade “juice cocktail
  • Long ago, sheep farmers
    observed that vegetation poor in this substance (due to depleted soil)
    would adversely affect the wool of sheep. Recent discoveries have shown
    that this substance could be really beneficial to human hair growth
    as well!

Dont Buy any Hair Loss Products — Until You’ve Read This Special Report in Full…

Some great tips if you have dark skin(like African-American):

  • How to avoid something
    called “traumatic alopecia” (it’s easy when you know how).
  • All about dreadlocks:
    Are they a good or bad? Should you wash them? And, if yes, how often?
  • What exactly are
    hot oil treatments and how they can help you keep your hair strong
  • How to make Black
    hair more manageable — without having to use “commercial relaxers”
    on your head…

It’s a Shame For You to Not Have The Hair of Your Teen Years — Since It’s
So Easy

You will also find several tips on women hair loss (this has become an epidemic, believe it or not!)While males do lose
hair more readily and tend to lose hair in sections, women suffer baldness
and hair thinning also, except the thinning is more uniform throughout
the head.
With this is mind, women
are better candidates for surgical hair replacement and weaving treatments,
because large portions of the scalp are highly unlikely to be bald on
a woman suffering with androgenetic alopecia. (woman or man’s better half)
Here are some
more things you will discover:

  • Why many women suffer
    hair loss and an increase of facial hair after the onset of menopause.
    And what to do about it… (Hint: You can use something consumed in
    the “Eastern” Civilizations).
  • Anorexia ails women
    mainly. But watch out because it can have an adverse effect on your
    hair too!
  • Why women who give
    birth, lose some of their hair when they do so (It’s probably not what
    you think — and luckily it’s not so bad after all)

Here’s What People Are Saying About The Guide

This is The Greatest Goldmine of “Hair Tips” Ever Crammed Into One

You will also find out things like:

  • How to correctly
    shampoo your hair (yes, there is a right and a wrong way!). Just this
    tip on the water temperature could get you on the fast track to stronger
  • Alopecia areata and
    psoriasis: What they are and what to do if you suffer from these
  • Hair loss in people
    undergoing chemotherapy and why it happens
  • Are toupes bad for
    your hair? What should you keep in mind when looking for one?
  • The types of fish
    you should avoid if you have weak hair (yes, most fish is good — but
    not all!)
  • What exactly are
    “structured hairpieces” and why you should at least get a
    second opinion when someone recommends them to you (beware: some doctors
    will say that you need anything just to get your money)
  • Over the counter
    drugs like Rogaine and Propecia (By the way, did you know that Propecia
    is the exact thing as “Proscar”? Yes the depression medicine!
    Only it’s given in smaller doses.)

You can pick up “How
to Have Healthy Hair – At Any Age!
” for less than the cost
of dinner for two.
Just buying another
box of “hairloss ampules” would cost you a small fortune. But
you can read the entire report for FREE

Included are the following bonus chapters:

“Learn the TRUE facts about hair loss……before
it’s too late!”


Your Free Mini Course:

Ultimate Guide For Healthy Hair
by Steve Ryan
  • Discover
    why eunuchs never went bald
  • Natural
    remedies for hair loss prevention
  • Hair
    replacement and restoration techniques
  • How
    vitamins A and B affect hair loss
  • ……lots

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I wish I had this book years ago! I’ve done so many things that
I thought would help but in fact they have probably made me lose
more hair
:( At least I know the facts now. Thanks so much!

Mathews, CA

I just thought I’d say thanks for putting together How To Have Healthy
Hair At Any Age. I’ve just finished reading it and have learned
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Bell, Southampton, UK

was reluctant to buy at first, I mean, how much can I learn from
one book about hair loss? Boy am I glad I did! I’m now looking after
my hair the RIGHT way and have seen the effects and it’s only been
a few weeks. Thanks.”

Koslowski, Germany

thought of going bald really scares me so I thought I’d take a look
at your report. I’ve tried several physical products which simply
haven’t worked. I’m glad to say your report helped me a lot. I still
have my hair and it’s looking great!”

Kinsella, WA

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  • Evaluating your own
  • The main causes of hair
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Loss In Women, Are Women Big Losers?

  • Understanding female
    hair loss.
  • The main cause of hair
    loss in women.
  • How dieting affects
    hair loss….

and lots more…..


Too Can Be Hair Loss Victims

  • The nitty-gritty of
    childrens hair loss.
  • Types of childrens hair
  • Knowing the right treatment
    to use.

and lots more…..


A Psychological Cause Of Hair Loss

  • What is Trichotillomania
    and how does it affect you.
  • How to treat this common

and lots more…..


Transplantation: Understanding The ABC’s

  • What is involved in
    hair transplantation?
  • How long does it take?
  • Is it for men and women?

all these questions answered
and more……


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