What Are the Best Running Shoes for Bad Knees?

Running is one of the most natural forms of exercise you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy. Besides losing cutting down some calories, running also helps to increase your bone density and strengthen your immune system. However, sometimes you might injure your knee as a result of training, an old injury, or arthritis. In such condition, wearing the right type of shoe can still make you run more comfortably. Don’t use your bad knee as an excuse to avoid running. Here are some of the best shoes to run with when having a bad knee.

Asics Gel-Quantum 360 Knit

The Asics Gel-Quantum is not only one of the best shoes for running with a bad knee but one of the best-selling running shoes in the entire world. Knee pain is often the most common injury when running. However, with such shoes, it makes it comfortable for running. The shoes are designed with forefoot gel technology cushion system. This system acts as an extra shock absorber making it ideal for running.

Saucony Cohesion 11

Saucony Cohesion 11 are not only affordable but also durable. Besides, they are designed to improve stability and comfort. Moreover, they have a rubber sole, which acts as a shock absorber. This is an excellent feature for those having a bad knee. It helps to alleviate pain when running hence highly recommended.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 5

Nike air zoom sneakers are, without any doubt, a top priority when it comes to stability. For someone which a bad knee, these shoes can offer additional support to your body balance. What’s more, they are made with cushioned insoles which alleviates any pain when pounding on the pavement. Hence, they are recommended for those suffering from a bad knee since they promote proper leg alignment as well as balance making you to be healthy.

Adidas Supernova

Adidas supernova is arguably among the best shoes for those having a bad knee. It is ultra-responsive to runner’s demands. They have high stability and can easily support your bad knee when running. Besides, they are very light hence won’t weigh you down. The shoes are also cushioned to offer maximum comfort, a style that Adidas always aim for.

Asics Gel-Venture 6

This type of shoe has a rubber sole, which offers you excellent traction when running. The Gel-venture 6 is usually recommended for those running in rugged terrain. If you have a bad knee, the shoes offer you maximum grip and traction to prevent you from falling. Also, if you are running on gentle paths, the shoes still have a lot to offer. Its superb cushioning acts as a shock absorber. As such, you will always move smoothly with your bad knee without feeling any difficulty.